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I need help with my gig

Hi! I’m new to Fiverr and just completed my first order which was a portrait. Approximately it takes me 2 days to finish one, but I deliberately stated in my gig that I need 5 days (in case anything happens and I need extra time). After the first order, me and my client agreed to continue working together on the project. I need to draw 8 more portraits, but the problem is he placed quantity of 8 in just on gig. And it seems like I have only 5 days (now 3, actually) to finish all 8 portraits which is physically impossible. Besides me and my client agreed that it would be just one gig/portrait at a time. What should I do? Maybe I’m mistaken and the timer shows what time left to finish just the first one, Idk. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, I can handle the work and deliver it on time, but obviously I need much more time for this amount of work. Please help!


If you are unable to complete this order in the given time you have to contact with your buyer tell him/her details and You have to admit your guilt and take your time, say that there is almost a little work left to do. Negotiation is a must.Your have to prefer on buyer satisfaction other wise it will impact on your account. If needs you have to take help form your team to delivery fast.