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I need help with my Gigs stats

Although I’ve been here in Fiverr for some time now I still don’t understand the Gigs statistics very well, I know that in the help center they explain it but not very detailed and I continue with the doubt, the impressions are the number of times a Gig goes out in the search results, but I have a doubt with the views and clicks, the views are the number of times someone saw the Gig (without entering) and the clicks are the number of times someone saw and entered in a Gig or how?

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If you type “explain impressions views and clicks” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


@samuelaaron0110 :grinning:

views are about how many times your gig appeared in the search results…and clicks means actual clicks that the viewer done on your gig images…for example someone see your gig but scrolled to another and didn’t click on it…this will be counted as 1 view…similarly if some has clicked on your gig and went through your gig will be counted as 1 click…in other words you get an order when your gig is clicked.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Have a nice day.

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Hi samuelaaron0110,

:arrow_up: I think that’s incorrect.

You were right about impressions… They’re the number of times a gig is seen in the search results.

Clicks = From these impressions, the number of times people clicked on your gig (entered your gig page) are nothing but clicks. In other words, clicks are the number of people who entered your gig from ONLY Fiverr search.

Views = Views are the total number of times someone has viewed (entered) your gig page.

So, you can consider views to be-

views = clicks (people who entered from Fiverr search) + social views (people who entered from social media sites such as twitter, fb) + people who click on your gig link from outside of Fiverr’s website (people who entered from other places such as from blogs or ads).

And, therefore, from :arrow_up: this, you can also infer that the difference between views and clicks are usually your number of social media views and other miscellaneous views.

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Thank you very much for your help! Now if I have everything clear… :wink: