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I need help with my on time delivery rate

Hi… my current on time delivery rate is 86% … I have delivered almost 76 orders on time from last 6 days but still the rate is still there… I really need to make it 90% before this evaluation to become lvl 2 but i dont know how… ( Orders from last 60 days = 431)… Can anyone guide me whats the formula and any tips if possible…


Deliver on time as much as possible. There is no other special formula. As much as you can. Every order counts. If you find yourself frequently delivering Gigs late or feel you cannot make it, increase your set delivery time. Your ratings will be grateful. You can also always offer “extra fast delivery” and charge extra, I did it, it works and you can make an extra buck.

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That’s quite impressive!

I haven’t had any late orders so far so I don’t know how that page layout looks like, but if it’s the same as the completed orders page than I reckon you could use the same spreadsheet I’m using to calculate my order completion rate.

Leave a comment there in case it doesn’t work and I can tweak to include on time delivery as well.


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Deliver 24 hours before an order is due. That should give your client time to request a revision. Or, you could deliver 48 hours before just in case you need extra time to revise.

All her packages offer 1 day delivery so that would not be an option, and although there have been some sellers reporting that revision times are affecting their on time delivery, Fiverr’s official answer is that it does not affect, and that’s my experience as well. None of my order that went to revision affected my on time delivery rate.


Thanks for letting me know. If she offers 1-day delivery and her on time delivery rate is 86%, that can only mean she’s delivering late.

So maybe she should offer 2-days, 3-days, 7-days, etc.

I offer 3-days, I like being paid extra for 24-hours.

Most buyers don’t need it in 24/hours, many have told me to take my time, some tell me I can take longer than 3-days.

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thank you so much !! i have changed the timeline !! but there is a drop in the number of orders !! on average i was getting around 22-26 orders but it is now dropped to 9 !! not sure why people are in so much hurry !!!

I see you have 19 in your queue, very impressive for someone with a one-day delivery. Heck, very impressive for anyone!

My only suggestion is change your basic to $10 and your standard to $20.

Your premium can remain at $30.

The important thing to focus is not so much on whether you get less orders but whether you’re making more or less money.

Also, when writing dollar amounts:

“When i should not go for 5 $ package !!”

Remember that in America the $ goes before the amount. $5, $10, $1,000. Most currencies are different than that, but for some reason, the $ is always on the left of the number, not the right.

O sorry didn’t know that earlier… thanks i will amend it right away…but just as a discussion i guess changing the $5 option is not a right choice… I may be wrong but just to get an opinion… i have experimented a lot with the prices in my short stay here … I have had rates of 10-55-150… and 5-10-20 … honestly speaking i think why most of buyers are attracted towards fiverr because it says that can have the job done for $5 that is real cheap and real quick… So we can say that people just come here to get things done for $5… you know when i changed my rates from 5-10 the very first time i experienced a real drop in my clicks … I had my id on the first page before it but it went back to the 4th page after that…

also i calculated that i need to deliver almost 100 more orders on time for the next few days… if i increase my rates i wont get more orders !! currently my focus is on getting more orders !!! i can live with $300 a day for the rest of few days left till evaluation but i will certainly increase my prices right after that !! but seriously thank you so much for the help… the 2 day delivery time advice was a gem as i am getting more ease of mind !!

"I have had rates of 10-55-150… and 5-10-20 "

I believe the numbers should be logical, a progression. If I’m offering one widget for $10, why should I charge $50 for two widgets? Now if it took me 1-hour to produce one widget, I might not even have packages and just charge $10, $20, whatever.

True, that’s the way it used to be, but Fiverr has changed a lot. You should also ask yourself if your time is worth $4.

If that’s what you’re making now I’m extremely impressed. You’re making more than many Top Rated Sellers!

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I am also having same kind of problem.
Did you fix it now? I would like to know how.

How? Are you serious? The only way to fix it is to deliver orders on time, that’s why it’s called “on time delivery”.
It’s not something technical or a bug, that solely depend on YOU. deliver more orders and your on time delivery will become better over the time.


I mean, it literally decreased from 90 to 88 in two days when I haven’t delivered any order. Is that something I misunderstood or does that happen?

I have experiencing this for almost 1 month, after my delivery rate became 89%, I tried to make sure I deliver every order on time or even earlier, after 1 month trying, my delivery rate is %72 now, it’s like if i’m waiting for buyer to reply, fiverr cut my rate, if the buyer comes back to me late fiverr cut my rate, if fiverr notify my “12 hour delivery” also cut my rate, I really don’t know what should I do, and I have no more new customer …

Please someone help me with that

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Is this fixed now?

The percentages don’t seem to make sense.

I was late on 2 orders out of 13 and my percentage went to 90 percent. Then with no change of figures it went to 88, then 87. Then I completed 2 more orders on time and it went to 88, the following day with no change in figures for the last 60 days, it went to 87.

It SEEMS to be bad form by Fiverr as they don’t make sense what so ever. How can it move by 1 percent after 1 delivery?