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I need help with my profile and gigs improvement


My name is Saghar, i’m graphic designer and really new in fiverr forum. I am working on fiverr since last 8 months but never got orders as much it should be and since last month it was 0. Now i think there’s something that i am missing or doing wrong so i just found way to send a request to friends who is already on fiverr. That would be really kind of your’s to help me out. Thank you!
Best Regards

Here’s link to profile


Hi Saghar,

Try to update your gigs more often. Add FAQs, better descriptions, better images so the gigs become more attractive.
You can search for similar gigs that are successful and check what they’ve done and how they designed their gigs.

Also try to promote the gigs through friends on Facebook and other social networks, it’s a good way to get more sales.

Good luck!


I did changed the descriptions so many time but never effect maybe there’s a specific way to write or somthing. I will add some FAQs and try again.

Thanks for such beautiful information!