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I need help with my profile and gigs


I am having trouble selling my first gig. When I first became a seller at the start of the month all my gig stats have gone up, but now it seems like everything is frozen. Nothing is happening. I would be extremely appreciative if anyone is able to look at my profile and tell me if there is something i am doing wrong or if I can improve on anything. Thank you all!


If I knew how to actually look at your profile and gigs from this forum I would do it but I so far can’t see any way to see them.


Amen to that…
Already miss the option to go to a sellers profile by a simply click of a button…


was that a thing before the update?


Yeep. You could have simply clicked on a forum user’s name, and it directed you to his fiverr profile.


Your profile and gigs look fine to me. There appears to be a stats problem at the moment which I am sure Fiverr will fix soon. Meanwhile just be patient. It can sometimes take new sellers months to get their first sale.


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I understand it can take months, I was just worried nothing was happening. Thanks for telling me about the statistic freeze


You are welcome. Best wishes for your success.