I need help with selling my gigs


Hi guys, I seriously need help with selling my first gig. I know that its easier when I sell my first gig.
Here are all my gigs:







Thanks for asking for help.

It’s going to take strong gig art, I think, for you to break in.

Go to work on it, and keep working on it until you feel proud enough to start all your gigs at $25.

Unfortunately, the days of, as you say in one of your descriptions, “simple but cheap,” being enough to break into Fiverr are past. In fact $5 gigs of any quality getting punished in the rankings. (Search for a Logo Design, and you will see that not a single $5 gig appears on the first page of the results.)

Best of success to you.


So what you are saying to is that I should put a price up a little bit?


Yes. Look at the first page results in whatever category you’re in and find a reasonable price point - not the lowest. In most categories, you’ll want to be at $25 or above.


Ok, I guess that the logical thing for me to do was to put the lowest price posibble, cause Im new.


Logical, but I believe wrong given how few $5 gigs are even showing on the first page of graphic design searches right now.

You’ve got several gig slots available to you. Try some $5 gigs and some $25 gigs and see what works.


Raising the prices alone is not a solution.
You need to upskill first to get to the level where you can charge $25 for a logo.

There are plenty of free and cheap courses out there. For example, start with the AI basics and build up your portfolio. If you work hard then probably in 2-3 months you’re ready to update your portfolio with some awesome and unique work :wink: