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I need help with this delivery

I sent an .xlxs file to buyer A, she said she couldn’t download or view it and asked for modification. I sent another file to buyer B, same response. So I decided to share the files through dropbox to buyer A and B. Buyer B was able to download and view hers. I reattached the file and shared the dropbox link with buyer A that asked for modification. She rejected the delivery, said she couldn’t view the file and the file in the dropbox link is not in the format she can use. She then asked me to send to her own dropbox account. Please, what do i do?

Not really sure here but I am confused with your AB situation.

First of all ask then what version of Microsoft Office are they using.

.xlxs means you are probably using the latest version, and may need to export to a more compatible version for older MS Office.

Secondly, you can zip any file and send it via the order page. You should try this as well.

If you are still worried about the situation, best bet would be to contact Customer Support to receive counsel from them on what is the best step to take in this situation.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

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Try to open the file in Excel again, save it as Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.XLS) then redeliver the file to your customer who probably uses a relatively old version of Microsoft Office.

Best wishes

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Thank you, I will do this.

Thank you, I will contact C.S, zip the file and send to her as you suggested.