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I need help with this issue- The buyer wants the work done in very short periods of time (much less than 24 hours)

Hello everybody, I have a question about this:

I work as a translator at Fiverr and what happens is that sometimes, some buyers ask me to finish the translations they send me in a few hours when Fiverr’s system enables me to do them within 24 hours. And I can’t always finish the translations in a few hours within the 24 hours I have available.
And sometimes, they clarify this for me after having bought packs that last a maximum of 1 day.

What should I do in a case like this?


Hello, tell them that you will be able to do the job within the 24 hours as specified. That is considered extremely fast.

If they can’t agree to that then they are asking too much of any seller. You have to set limits for what you can do with these demanding unreasonable buyers. Communicate with them professionally and firmly.

And I hope your gig does not give them the idea you can do it faster.


I suggest you specified in bold letter at the beginning of your gig description that they should contact you first before the order.
If any buyer wants you to deliver before the deadline, let him know in a polite manner that you have so many orders you are working on but will try your best to deliver before deadline.
They are human too, 95% of them will understand.


I second @misscrystal and in cases where you know that you can finish it within their deadline you can just tell them that you can finish this job in x amount of hours for an extra x dollars and the countdown of those hours will start Only after they accept your offer for the gig extra for an extra fast delivery.


They are paying for the amount of time specified in the package they purchase.

Don’t give them a free pass to expect things that aren’t in your contract. You can deliver it much earlier, but don’t promise that because they didn’t pay for it.

Politely explain that they will receive it within the time specified in your contract and that if they would like something delivered sooner they need to message you first to ask and you should also charge them extra for that in a custom offer.

You can also offer a custom extra to the existing order for this super-fast delivery. Make sure they know you won’t start until they accept the offer.


I suggest you take this out of your gig description:

Choose one of the packs and texts will be translated in the shortest time possible for your comfort.

The buyer saw this and expects you to do this, and it does sound like you are saying that the shortest time for his comfort is the thing you are offering.

Your second gig offers this:

It´s possible that the translation will be finished before 24 hours.

Maybe it’s because of what you say you will do.