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I need Help!

How to cash out my money please help me and thank you very mush

but there is not showing anything for withdraw plz help dear

You Could order Review card or Transfer balance at paypal.

Go to the arrow at the top of your page to the right of the green box that should show the amount of funds that have been cleared in your account, then click on “My Sales” and then “Revenues”. There should be buttons on this page that will allow you to withdraw to either Paypal or the Fiverr Revenue Card. Hope that helps!


Seriously, how can you offer a gig to proofread when the gig title has an important word misspelled?

it’s okay @celticmoon, that gig’s profile is 100 percent lifted from multiple sources :slight_smile: so evidently theft is fine with him too :wink:

you can withdraw your money to PayPal, but you’ll need a verified PayPal account to use them. If you don’t already have one, I can help you…

Reply to @uncarved: Wow, now that I’ve checked too, I see 3 out 4 gigs are plagiarized. Not impressive!