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I need help!


Hello fiverr!!! one of my client order this gig: and extra gigs yestarday…now i starting work for him…name is: cheskino

But is a big problem now!!! i searching him and fiverr said: The user account you are looking for is no longer available.

I will receive my money from gig?? because i already start and i don’t want lose my time and not receive money…i need receive $25…gig is in progress…i waiting a reaply pleasee!!


I will receive money or no?? because i start already promote him videos in my large fb groups…also i maked some social signals…and buyer account not available anymore now…but order is on progress :-S after i delivery my work i will receive $ from gig?


Likely the user no longer has an account. You can check with Support.


i send tickets already nothing solved yet