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I Need Immediate Help!


I am tryign to learn how to make typographic posters, and dont have adobe photoshop or illustrator. Are there any programs that I can make typographic posters with?

I need a FREE program


Reply to @prosoho: Unfortunately no, but I’m sure there are some tutorials out there that can help you with that.


Important information needed.

Free or paid?

Operating system? Windows, Linux, OSX etc.


There’s a free program called gimp you may be able to use, I’ve seen others make typographic posters with the program.


Can you instruct me on how to make a typographic poster with gimp?


Reply to @rhydian: I need a free program


Reply to @accessgirl: Can you find a tutorial for me


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks


Why list a gig, “I will create a typographic or quote poster in 24 hours for $5” when you have no idea how to even make one? Even Gimp has a learning curve.




Candi x