I need job.how can this job?


I need job.how can this job?


Hello there - I moved your post, so more people might be able to help you.

You’ll need to start by posting a gig - a service you can offer.

Start by reading here:

Good luck!


i also need a job
can you help me with this


Dont know if this is the right site for this but my son has completed a degree in animation and wants to get into this field of work, but every job wants experience, he is willing to work for free to gain the experience, can anyone help, he can travel to london and will be willing to relocate even, someone help please i am desperate to help him,he studied in sydney australia and has relocated to kent in order to have more luck with work.


Hi Lesley!

Well done to your son on his degree - you must be very proud of him!

The beauty of Fiverr is that he wouldn’t have to work for nothing, he can gain experience using the skills he’s learned and earn some money at the same time - bonus!

Okay - it’s not the same as having a ‘real’ job in terms of experience, but it would show a potential employer he’s willing to get off his backside and do something for himself, as well as working with clients who are potentially all over the world.

It doesn’t matter geographically where he is, he can work on Fiverr from anywhere.

Get him to have a look at a few of the animated gigs, and I’ll bet he’ll say ‘I can do that’! There’s loads of potential for a bright lad with skills - he could do really well here!

All the best to him, and well done you for asking!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


If he cant get work here on Fiverr, it would be best if he would look for an internship, ideally a paid one.

Depending if 2D or 3D animation, and what kind of animation (character animation perhaps?) I suggest looking outside of Fiverr if he is that desperate. There is no reason why he cant have a Fiverr account as well, however it might be tough at the start to get work here, and experience.

Animation is a specific type of industry, would be best if he could surround himself with more advanced and seasoned animators to learn the craft.