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I need kind person

How are you
i need a man who have much more orders in Queue and who give me some orders from his account in low budge if you have more orders pleas contact me i will be very glade to divide your work with me
THANKS Have a great day
Abrar Jehan

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What’s wrong with women? Why do you specifically require a man? :thinking:

Please don’t beg for sales, and don’t try to take other people’s orders with low budget, I don’t think there’s anyone interested. If sellers don’t cope with their queues, they’ll search themselves for people to help them.

You can’t divide other people’s work - they have to decide if they want to divide their work :slight_smile:


Yeah. I’m going to agree with @Woofy31 here. Asking for another person’s well deserved gigs is bad form. I hear ya, I want to make $ too. Just do it the right way, it’ll be more rewarding in the long run. Keep at it!


Dude, it’s 2017…you can’t judge people based on their sexual preference :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Get over it. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Definitely not judging, no need to twist my words :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m just trying to understand, and as far as I remember, discrimination based on gender or location, etc, is not allowed on the forum - and that’s exactly what I felt from the OP, which I’m sorry but did not sound OK to me.


LOL :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::joy::joy::joy::joy:
There are thousands of tips for sellers. Please refer them rather than begging for orders. :smirk::smirk:


I know what the guy is feeling, he is just desperate and no worries man sales will come very soon like have been telling myself:wink:


Let me go off topic. I have a question about your gig.
Your prices are

  • 5$ for 15 min
  • 15$ for 30 min
  • 25$ for 50 min

First get rid of unlimited reversions… Now I am a person who does calculations before taking the next step… If I order the 5$ package for 15min then place another order for the same package, those will be 2 orders each for 15 minutes and I will have paid 10$ instead of your 15$ quote. If I keep doing this I will pay 20$ for 1 hour transcription with a delivery of 2 days instead of the quoted 3 days for 50 minutes.
The question is…How well had you planned for this gig?


Thanks for d heads up:thinking:

I have a feeling that ssj was just yanking your :chains:! :grin:

Bravo, @ssj1236, for your sense of humor. :grinning:

@abrarjehan, You are a level 1 seller with nearly 70 great reviews, which means you’ve sold way more than that. You obviously have what it takes to deliver good work.

When things are slow is an excellent time to search through buyer’s request for legitimate buyers and put together a good proposal for a bid.

You can also get rid of any gigs that are not selling and work on creating new gigs. You need to brainstorm and figure out what you enjoy doing and are good at, then take your time creating a gig for it.

Good luck to you.


Nice to have a chat with you here. Hope you’ll get your desired person. :slight_smile:

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Happy to note that there are rooms for improvement if one is ready to learn from others on this forum

:+1:nice. I do the same calculation

Hahahaha wooooooo :joy:

Sorry, if my concern sounded too authentic I was just messin with ya, didn’t mean anything serious by it.


The art of sarcasm get’s lost in a written format.


I’m shocked that you are both so limited, @ssj1236 and @Woofy31. There may be alien forms of life that run small businesses and aren’t male or female but still need Fiverr. There could be a whole market out there for humans/others who jump on the bandwagon and cater to the :alien: demographic. Get with the program!


:smile:wow great words :star_struck::star_struck:

If there truly are aliens and other forms of life, I’d rather be (or pretend to be) limited so that I can be shockingly surprised when they reveal themselves :astonished:

I don’t want to be like “meh, I knew you were there” when I meet them - I want to be shocked!

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For good Decide