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I need more explanation

good day to you all,

i have almost 500 impression on my two gigs but no order yet. why?

what can i do to get order my first, because i join this fiverr 18 days ago?

pls. i need to know what am not doing right for necessary correction

Your gig description isn’t too bad but it does have some errors here and there. That can put some buyers off. You may need to also refine your description a little. How many words does the buyer get in those 2 articles? What is an “action demand” article?

Also - this question is directly from me to you. If I ask you 2 write me two 500 word blog posts on my niche, are you willing to send me the 2 articles in plain text (.txt) format?

Hey there, I noticed you post again in another forum but didn’t get much response due to the category. If you are still interested in advice, you could put this post in Fiverr FAQ’s (don’t add a new one, just edit this one) and see if my advice/question helps at all.

You haven’t edited the main header - it still says :

"What’s your story in one line?"

Get creative!

What the others said, but also -

My experience as a new seller, and even with new gigs as an established seller, is that it can take +1k impressions to get a few orders. Remember that impressions are when people see you in the search results, and views are when they actually click and see your gig.

If the problem is that you’re getting lots of impressions but not enough views, then there’s a problem with your gig title and the preview thumbnail. Do a meta-analysis of the titles of successful gigs in your category and use that information to write something similar (but don’t copy, because that’s bad.) Also, create a preview video - it’s the video that really sells it.

I’ve got some more tips that I learned in my first month on Fiverr and you can read them here if you’re interested:

We used to get way below 1% conversion rate before we got these first damn reviews.

Things will get better if you just reach a number of 5-star reviews where clients can feel that you can be relied on.

However this “translate to any language” seems sketchy from a buyer’s perspective in my opinion. I’d use “translate to a multitude of languages” - otherwise people can get suspicious when reading the gig title.

Other than that, it your gigs don’t look bad. But maybe you need to offer something INSANE until you get the first reviews - 1500 words for 5$, that type of deal. Just until you prove yourself as reliable…

As far as your translation gig goes, you should specify which languages you can translate to. I see in your profile that you can speak several languages but it does not mean (for me) you can translate to them. Or create a gig for each language and then it is easier for the gig to be found.

I do not advise offering 1500 for $5. That can take a long time depending on the topic and you will basically earn nothing. Stick to your price.

how do you do that?