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I need more work

Hi everyone!

I am not getting orders from last few months. Dont know what the reason is… Can you guys please guide me about how can I improve my profile to get more orders???

I need more work too. Please help me too.

There are various ways to promote yourself and here are the following:

  1. Promote your profile or gig at various social media platforms such as Facebook groups, google groups, twitter, instagram etc.
  2. Promote it here at this forums.
  3. Try your luck at Buyer Request make sure to respond in relation to their post not with just a template
  4. Optimize your gig, see what your competitors have in the description of their gigs
  5. Work hard and be patient

I don’t need more work, I need more money :cry:


I’m doing these steps almost everyday.
You can easily find me by typing my nickname in google.

Then you might need to follow the number 5. :innocent:

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I can’t work hard because I don’t have a much work here on fiverr :slight_smile:

Why is it hidden? I typed everything and it’s not advertisement it’s damn useful!

I’m doing it everyday. I’m really don’t know what is wrong with me :confused:

I need some time to rest. :joy::joy:

Omg man… It’s been 2-3 months… i haven’t even looked at buyers request section.
Just wait… and be patient. You will get the orders.

LOL its a same thing dear

pass your orders to me :wink: