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I need my seller to remove facebook likes


I added facebook likes to a local business here without permission as a gift to the company. They said they don’t want it. I messaged my seller to remove them. I am waiting now.



Lesson learned? I’d be curious to know how this turns out. Keep us posted.


Well the seller uses a robot program to do it. So I am sure praying he can remove the likes. If he wants money, then fine.


I’m really not sure how the technical aspect of adding or removing Facebook Likes works (I kind of assumed it was always by using a robot program), but if they delivered exactly what you asked for, it seems only fair to buy another gig if you’ve changed your mind and now need them to undo their work.

But in the future, maybe it would be a good idea to let businesses run their own social media campaigns? Just a thought…


Well I hope they respond soon. It’s no surprise they used bots. Buying large volumes of traffic is a terrible idea. I’m actually happy to hear that a business is refusing fake likes. :slight_smile:


Buying fake Facebook likes and/or fake Twitter followers is a very bad idea. It is an action that clearly violates the term of service for both social network companies.


I have a program to remove fake likes it’s called [Sheriff’s note: external links are not allowed]