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I need niche traffic

I’m selling digital goods and I wanted to find a person who can transfer me some potential buyers who are from the design industry (graphic designers, web designers, web developers, illustrators and the like.)

I see people offer thousands or even tends of thousands visitors, but are those real?! I would rather start small. I don’t mind if they are only 100, or 200. I just want them to be people from that industry. People that after a week a would notice some increase in sales.

One way for you to get more traffic would be to see how effective the website is that you are using to sell the digital goods.

Please check out my fiverr gig as it might be very helpful to see how effective your website is

My professional advice:

NEVER buy random traffic. Go out and capture it with good marketing on your own. Only you know your target audience, only you know the audience you’re hoping to attract. Anyone who offers services in which they send you traffic is, unfortunately, sending you worthless un-targeted traffic. They’re only sending you numbers – most of which are usually “fake” accounts. You want people who want to buy your services, not random traffic numbers that have no specific interest in what you are selling.

It’s hard work attracting customers. But you will be hurting your business more by letting someone else send you random, worthless, untargeted traffic.

I would look for people with blogs and/or Facebook pages related to that. I’ve tried paying for Tweets, but it doesn’t work for me. Most people on Twitter stay on Twitter, that’s my experience.

Either way, check the Alexa ranking of the blogs, not everyone can be Facebook but if a blog has a low ranking, it’s probably not worth it unless you want to create backlinks.