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I need notifications that I haven't responded to messages

With all the craziness of the update to how fiverr level works I have been working hard to Improve my rating. I haven’t missed a single deadline since the announcement and I’m responding everyday to my messages.

Yet while my delivered on time percentage goes up my response rate goes down… why?
I’ve replied to everything and i’m pretty sure I reply to everyone of them within 24 hours and even if i missed one or two it shouldnt be at 89% with the many I receive.

So what I’m saying is I want to be notified when either * I haven’t replied to a message within the 24 hours* or * A prompt that says you should reply to this person!* maybe with 2 hours before the cut off time because as far as I can tell, I AM responding to all these people on time but I have no way of clarifying that I have or not because it doesn’t tell you. Its just a stupid percentage bar that you have to take its word for but I and im sure other people disagree that the bar is giving the correct readings.

I’m really trying my best everyday as its important for me to keep this rating up, obviously before with no punishments there wasn’t a need to care so much about the late deliveries as long as the customers were happy. Thats why I have a 5 out of 5 rating with over 200 Reviews but my delivery and response rate are abit low, they’re not really that low but fiverr wants everyone to be 90% or above.

Its seriously frustrating, this needs to be addressed and BEFORE the change over.

I can track my time and my deliverers to make sure the level is high above 90%

any type of prompt to show we’ve missed the 24 hour mark or not replied to a mail message with maybe a red banner on the mail instead of just white.

Does anyone else have this issue?

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I couldn’t have said it better. You are totally right. I have been having the exact same problem. I can’t see where I am failing to respond yet my response rate is 60%. It’s driving me crazy.

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