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I need opportunity to prove my self best

Hi Fiverr fellows i am not an old Fiverr seller. i just complete 3 orders with good reviews. but i don’t get orders regularly i want more opportunities to prove my self best. please check my gigs and tell me is there something wrong in those gigs? i have Photoshop experience if you have any type of Photoshop work then give me the opportunity i will do it professionally and will deliver it in 6 hours. A work worth of 50$ dollars i will do it in just 5$. I am not here to earn only money I am here to provide excellent service. big sellers ask big price but i will do that in just 5$. give me a chance.



Reply to @raymond005: Thanks. :slight_smile:

someone reviewed your background removal gig and gave you 4 stars! That will instantly kill you! you have a 90% satisfaction now! What you do is a dime a dozen on fiverr also, so that may be why you are not getting any orders. I would try to get the review removed! 90% satisfaction won’t yield any orders

Reply to @customrapsongs: you mean 90% satisfaction in not enough? and what can i do next?

U.S. currency is expressed as $5, not 5$, just so you know.

Reply to @unique_mind: Fiverr has encouraged a strange rating system that penalizes you for negative and positive reviews (both) if they are not up to a certain secret standard. Generally speaking, levels are typically withheld or removed for sellers under 95% although I don’t think that number is official or written in the ToS anywhere.

Most sellers fight very hard to stay at 100% if possible by refunding buyers who are slightly unhappy or making bargains to keep from getting ratings lower than 5 stars. When that isn’t possible, sellers at least strive to stay over the 95% mark. I don’t really understand the theory behind these numbers, but if you want to be considered “best” on Fiverr it is correct that 90% wouldn’t work.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: so this is your contribution to the forum?

Why are people getting so snippy on the forum?

When a person is conducting business in the English language, grammar and properly communicating the cost is somewhat important.

@unique_mind: Yes, 90% is considered “bad” by Fiverr’s own standard, but with only 3 completed orders, it will only take a couple more 5-star reviews to get a significant improvement.

Promote your gigs off of Fiverr and make sure that you do amazing work on the next few orders you get.

You should also think about offering different gigs that you’re more skilled at. Otherwise, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to compete with all the established sellers in your current category.

Reply to @customrapsongs: I’m doing him a favor, I’m teaching him something he didn’t know. You do custom rap songs, what would you tell a rapper that’s using outdated rap expressions like No diggity and Skeezer? You’d probably laugh at his foolishness.

Passion of the Weiss | Even when I was wrong, I got my point across.

I agree with that@itsyourthing

Just keep calm and do your best! Success will come to you! Good luck! :slight_smile: