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I need order to work


Hi To all , i need ,order to work as seller.
can tell me in details , what should i do ?


You can use “Buyer requests” tab and send a proposal for them!


That’s the way I started!


Maybe you should work hard? I don’t know what do you think?


Or maybe feature your gigs!


Or maybe you should post your own picture instead of a random one from the internet?


sir i have been work all time , but i can’t get response from buyer …
so what shoul i do ?
i can tell details about that?


You should improve your gig well. then buyers are give you some oder. I’m junior too fiverr. But don’t leave your try. TRY AND TRY ONE DAY YOU CAN FLY.


ok sir , i have all ready try many times but , i can’t get any orders until now !


You look same as me. But I think we should wait for orders.


you have to work hard


same like


Your “I will do responsive web design” (whatever that means) Gig’s video refers to yourself as “he”, but your profile picture is of a woman.



don;t matter girls can attract the sells .


It DOES matter, sir… you’re being deceptive, yet are wondering why you aren’t getting any orders?

If you’re lying to people about who you are, you don’t deserve any!


What makes you think that all buyers are men?

I can’t speak for the world, but in the USA over 50% of consumers are women. I do NOT buy gigs based on the hotness of women, I don’t swing that way and even if I did, I’d buy from the person who is honest.

When it comes to my money leaving my hands, there is no love between me and the seller. I don’t care if I like you or if you like me - I want the person who can do the job.


ok sir . i no that !


Could you please let me know how we can feature our gigs?

Thank you.


Apparently not if you aren’t getting any orders…

Joking aside, you shouldn’t be deceptive. If you’re really serious about providing the services you’re offering, you’ll be upfront about who you are and your true skill set instead of using failed attempts at trying to lure in potential clients.