I need orders on logo designing


hello folks

I am new on fiverr but I am professional and I have a experience of more than 3 years in logo designing and graphic designing. I recently joined fiverr and as i offer quality work, i desperately need orders. please contact me for best services

Thank you


Reach out to your old clients and bring them to Fiverr to get your first orders.


dont think about the 20% you will lost by selling to them through fiverr, cuz you will recive more orders once they rate you good, best of luck bro

Samy sekkaf


You need to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. Why should they choose a new seller with no reviews when there are plenty of well established, respected designers with 100s (maybe 1000s) of reviews? This should be your mindset throughout creating/editing your gig. The only edge you can create is lowering your price - everybody loves a bargain. Build a portfolio of 5-10 images whilst charging low prices. Then after building up the gig, increase the prices slowly.


you are right but how can we approach our old customers


that’s true dude. i guess there is a hughe competition on fiverr


Why are you asking me? :slight_smile:
You should know your customer and how they prefer to be contacted.