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I Need Orders Please Give me Some Orders i Will Complete it on Given time

I Need Orders Please Give me Some Orders i Will Complete it on Given time


Unfortunately forum is not the place where people can give you orders. Fiverr platform is for that and we are just the same sellers here (mostly) helping each other with an advise and not giving orders to each other.

You have only 4 min read time on the forum, you didn’t attach the link to your gig, you posted in the wrong category, so it shows that you didn’t invest much time into your gig and your business.

If you need orders FAST you will have TO DO A LOT in a short period of time which you didn’t for now. Read all the tips already given on the forum and maybe you’ll find the helpful one for your self.


Posting in the forum asking for orders isn’t how you get them.


Posts like this are so tragically embarrassing.

Sorry OP, it’s not going to happen.


Don’t beg for order, lol
People won’t hire you like this,

It’s far better to ask help HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR GIG PERFORMANCE than begging like this,
Try to improve portfolio and share your work at IG, Twitter, and Fb.

With you luck


Hey bro,
I can understand everyone want orders…
But doing like this is not the right way …
We all are a community and we help each other…
We can help you in improving your gig

Your Regards: StudioChamp


Begging for orders is not going to work.

Change your viewpoint. It’s not about what YOU want.
It’s about what OTHER people want to buy from you.

If you are not getting orders, then no one wants what you are selling.

You have millions of people looking for things here to buy.
Think about that. Think what they want to buy. Think what you can do that people need.

I agree with @mariashtelle1. I don’t see any indication of you putting any effort into this so far.


if you won’t help other then don’t let lose their hope also

you can’t feel my pain because you are not beginner now

thanks brother you are the only who understand me

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How is someone going to lose hope when there’s no hope to lose? There’s no way you’re going to get an order by begging for them.

If you find this hard to understand, then you may want to reconsider your decision to go freelancing. :no_mouth:


I can absolutely feel your pain or I wouldn’t have bothered to try to give you a bit of a suggestion.

Please read what I wrote and try to come up with a gig people want to buy.

I was new like you. Everyone here was new like you.


I’ve been on this forum for almost 16 months. In that time, I’ve learned one important thing: The people here generally help those who try to help themselves.

Nobody here has the time or money to hold somebody’s hand or dole out charity.

Take a read through the most important threads on this forum, as Mariashtelle suggested. You can find links to most of them in this post by Fiverr Pro Paulmaplesden:

Then, come back and create posts that allow us to really help you. Tell us what advice you’ve implemented, and ask us to check how well you’ve implemented it. Discuss your business ideas with us.

Nobody will give you an order because of posts like this one, because nobody wants to see you begging for something which you have the ability to earn yourself.


And clearly you can’t feel the pain of your prospective buyers and other forum users, as they read yet another “please give me orders” post.

If I sat outside your house and cried “please give me job” would you?

When was the last time that you walked into anywhere in the real world and cried “please give me jobs, please?”

Everyone was new once. The people who made it and are here today are NOT the people who came to the forum crying “please give me orders.”

Take responsibility for your own success or lack thereof and something might happen one day.


In your previous topic, you asked for help, and you were given links to excellent information and advice.

It was here: Still did not get any order ! Sad life

Considering that you have posted it 12 days ago and still have just 7 minutes of reading time on the forum, it looks like you haven’t read anything. That’s insulting, and disrespectful to everyone who tried to help you.

Fiverr isn’t a charity, and begging for work on the forum doesn’t make you look like a hard-working person who just wants a chance to prove themselves. It makes you look like someone nobody would want to order from.


It’s sad and depressing to read these kinds of posts and realize that there are people who have this amazing opportunity to build a business, and it will cost them nothing to create some gigs, and they resort to begging on the forum.


Wait for @jonbaas reply


@bestintheword, a topic reply from me is unnecessary, as multiple other veteran sellers have already said what I would have said.


We were all new once. Every successful seller here didn’t become successful because of begging for work.

Ask yourself… Would you hire somebody because they are asking to give them some orders? Or, would you hire someone who stands from the crowd, who has great profile and doing everything they can to promote their gigs and get more work?


Great Response.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: