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I need Orders Please somone help meeee!

HI I’m a new seller at fiverr and i’m doing video editing I didn’t get any views ,Impressions, Orders since I published my first gig. Please can any one help me.


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Be Patience


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It is a work of patience and hard-work.
Send your 10 buyer requests daily.
Hope you will get soon…


Hello @cooper_trooper

Well, you didn’t get too much advice when you read “be patience” or “work hard”… I will be honest with you. YOu need to work on your Profile and GIG a lot.

If you are Video editor, you need to have nice Video presentation about things which you work. Then to have some video edit which you worked before, Now, you have to images which move from one to other, what is not video edit job, right?

Then, why you need to write in your profile description that you are cheap and you will work for low money. For me, that looks like you don’t have too much experience in service you sell. If you have skills and you spent a lot time to learn and practice, you will respect that time and hard work.

Average response time is to low. It looks like you need all day to answer on client message. In that time range, client will find tens new workers, right?

And link your social media, do skill test related to video, etc. You really need to work more on your profile, before you receive order.



thank you very much for your advice

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how to get buyer request ?

The easiest way to get buyer requests is to delete the word “bro” in your mindset :wink:

Here you can find Buyer Requests


Here you can see in the attached file.
but remember that these requests have some specific time to show,
you have to stay active to apply sharp on those requests because requests are shown for a few seconds.
I hope this helps. :nerd_face:

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thank u so much . very informative info .

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hi . i am new in fiverr. during creatin gig when reached to level professional information, i select to categories in writing and translation and added my skills then clicked to continue but it takes me to “your occupation” option again and again. it is not going to level 3 linked account

It is better to open new Topic for specific question.

Probably you didn’t fill old fields, check closer all what you need to fill.

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thanks…stay always blessed by Allah

great message.thanks a lot

very good message.thanks a lot

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what are the requirements need to full when photo editing gig?

Best of luck! I proofread your gig description and found a few errors. Here is the error-free version.

Hey, I’m Cooper Trooper , and I’ll edit your videos for just 5 dollars.

I can provide the edited video in maximum quality as your wish.

I will provide :

Intro video editing

Color correction

Color grading

Lifetime customer support

100% customer satisfaction

Quality service

All of this is only $5.
Just Give me the order, and I’ll get you the work done.
Please contact me if you have any questions.

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“Lifetime customer support”

You need to remove the above from your gig description as that is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


thank you so much …

Ok i’ll do it thank you so much

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