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I need refund immediately my money was stolen by fake gig offer someone please help!

The user ************** was the original profile I paid to complete a gig, the user switched profile to **************** and blocked me on the original profile to no longer be able to message anymore. After weeks and weeks on prolonged gigs I even offered tips to assist in the speed of helping getting it completed and made me write 5 star reviews and this gig was never complete . *********** is their new user name I spent over $1000 in total. I need a refund today please. #FO716501B3****

Mod Note: Username removed.


The forums are for buyers and sellers - this is not the helpdesk or read by official Fiverr staff, so none of us would be able to help you with a specific order. If you didn’t receive the work, you definitely should not have accepted the non-existent delivery or left 5 star reviews for something you never received. Hopefully Fiverr will be able to help you - contact customer service, and be aware that the wait times for responses from them are often weeks.