I need Review ..!


I am new in fiverr , can any on help me ??


It’s best to help yourself. There are tons of interesting threads like the “UPYOUR” series which might give you a ton of info on how to price your gigs properly, how to promote them, and similar. Other than that, read how to optimize your description, watch your spelling, use Grammarly, and a lot of tools which might come in handy.

However, don’t steal someone’s descriptions, gig photos, fake profile pictures, and represent that you are from a different country.

There is an option to search for threads on the forum so do it!


As gig_freak said, it is totally right, just do hard work to get order, and complete your order well, then you will get the review from the buyer…:grinning:


you have to work hard for your sake.keep working.


I’m sorry, I just laughed out loud reading that line. :grin:

I believe it’s UPYOUR! Not up yours or mine, I’m afraid! :stuck_out_tongue:


I might have done it on purpose. Just kidding I thought it was like that.