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I need sales as a new seller

I am a new seller from Nigeria. How do I get a buyer on Fiverr?


We all need sales. New sellers, old sellers, we all need sales.
But it’s a marketplace and it’s competitive, especially after March and covid when a lot of people who lost jobs decided to turn to fiverr to get extra income.

You can start with reading this forum. It’s already have a lot of great advices and for now you have less than 1 min read time.


welcome here :smiley: :smiley:


True maria, we do need sales but we should have patient

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As @mariashtelle1 said,
This is a competitive marketplace, you need every advantage you can get. Reading the forums are great. but there are ways Fiverr market system works which you can use.

People search for Online Sellers, Highly rated sellers and Affordable pricing.
You can look around on the forum for tips and tricks in increasing your impressions and clicks.

Try checking the BR page / Buyer Request page.
People post request there all the time, if you aren’t having luck with buyers coming your way, Go to them.

Have your Gig and profile displayed and shared by friends and on social media profiles.
Happy selling, Welcome to Fiverr.


wellcome fiverr fourm

how can get more job?

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welcome and best wishes for you :heart:

please bid and get 1 order per week <3