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I need serious help guys


I joined fiverr just recently and I’ve created three gigs for my services but to my outermost surprise, I only get few clicks, views and impressions but no custom order… No order for any of my gigs and I’ve been on fiverr for a week now. Please I need help, tips and anything else available that I can to to boost sales. Please


Check out my new topic about how to get response from Buyers.


Your Gig’s descriptions are basically empty and do not encourage me to place an order with you. They are probably not encouraging anyone else either.


So what are you suggesting @jovanibrown?


Change your image to more attractive/colorful design
Clarify your description. Make it a little longer and highlight the most important details.
Take a look on the other seller that have similar niche to yours. Be sure to only to sellers who already make sales. DO NOT COPY, just get some inspiration or ideas from them


I am sorry if I am a bit harsh, but your profile image doesn’t represent you as a designer that could “design a eye catching logo for you professionally”


There is a lot of competition on Fiverr. I was on Fiverr 45 days before I got my first job. Be patient and take the advice you have been given.


Lots of good advice here. Look around at other sellers and see how their gigs look: full, descriptive, and clear. Make sure you have good pics and/or videos to go with your gigs.

Patience is super important. People don’t just wander onto the site and immediately see your gig. If you’re not doing any advertising, it could be a long time before you get any orders. Heck, even with advertising, it could be a while. A week is not very long at all.

While you’re waiting for orders, work on your gigs and make them the very best they can be. :slight_smile:


You need some people to give you a frank assessment of your gig images. I don’t think patience will change your outcomes. You’ll need new images for that.


It takes 15 days to get my first sales.
So keep trying


You’re off to a great start. You’ve got a good number of reviews for having just started in October.

Your profile image on your Fiverr profile is awesome.