I need serious help... If anyone facing issues with fonts on fiverr?


This font is so tough to read and eyes get tired. I just hope this font will be changed soon.

There is a problem with c too. I can’t even see the letter “c”. Uppercase is working fine : “C” but lowercase “c”.

It is so irritating.


I didn’t notice it was a new font. I think it’s the same one as always. Have you tried increasing the size of the print on your computer screen?


I don’t know what is wrong, Check it yourself.


I thought this is new font on fiverr. But I think the problem is only with me. I’ve restarted my computer but problem still exists.


That is not what I see. It is your computer. You may be able to adjust the font in your computer settings. Look at the display settings and try changing them.


That font is awful, agreed! However, you do appear to be the only person with it. Maybe your computer went nuts or you did something that made it change. This might help:


Thank you for your help. Actually the problem was not related to Browser.

Recently I had to install Helvetica Neue Condensed font and the reason was that font itself. I deleted and I see things way better now :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support misscrystal. Now it is working as mentioned above one font made me go crazy. It’s been a “great” lesson from Helvetica.


just got the same issue with same reason…Lol…


Yeah, That is killing experience. The only affected website was fiverr. So i thought fiverr changed font. :slight_smile:


Hi Ilyosinn

You really solve my 9 months problem. I tried a lot but when i saw samething with you. Then go down down and you gave a solution lol.

thank you so much



I am happy that it helped you.