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I need sincere help from seniors regarding my profile and gig. I am a new seller

Hi Everyone !!
I just joined Fiverr as a Seller and made my first gig
I will love to get suggestions from you regarding my gig. I got a score of 9.25 in Fiverr English test.

And hoping to build long term relations with buyers as well as sellers.
I hope you people will help me in getting orders on my gig.

I am planning upon making more gigs about which I will update soon.

My profile link :

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome! <3

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Please contact me before placing the order so that I can provide you a proper estimate of delivery and also I will able to check the quality of your files.

All you have to do is ORDER NOW and let me provide you the best you can get !!

The above seem a bit confusing. One time you were saying buyers should contact you first and another time you are saying they should ORDER NOW. You might need to stick to whether buyers should contact you first before placing an order or perhaps order on the spot

Just a personal suggestion though

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Thanks for figuring that out.
I missed a spot in my gig description as I wanted to say that “If your file is of poor quality, then contact me before ordering, otherwise feel free to order”

Is this the right way to edit the description ?

I don’t think you need to say “if their file is of poor quality”. You should be able to determine that once they contact you.

Just ask them to contact you first before placing an order and you can continue your conversations from there.


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Thankyou so much @pro_app for your valuable suggestions.