I need solutions



Can anyone give me a solution? I’m level 2 seller on fiverr but I have a trouble with my gigs.

Suddenly my account like never displayed by Fiverr. no more new buyers who come to me, impressions and page views as to stop moving and this problem has been going on several weeks… This situation is very confusing, moreover the team of customer suport did not answer my complaint.

Any one can give me a solution? Thanks.


Same happen to me, I create new gigs but is usseless my gigs is disappear on fiver search list. is any body had a same problem here?


I am good sales before this happened, but now I do not ever get a new buyer again. It’s very confusing.


(sebangsa & senasib) :D, same as me my my brother have 5 or 10 sales a day with 96 positive rating. And now is gone no sale anymore :((


(baiknya kita demo gan, tapi kemana? :)) ) hopefully there is a solution :slight_smile: