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I need some constructive criticism!

Hello I am ilo_illustrates. I started my Fiverrr account in early February and have not gotten any orders. I submitted an offer to a buyer request, and I have promoted my Fiverr on my Instagram. Nothing seems to work- can someone take a look at my gig/profile and tell me things I should fix?



I have moved this to Improve My Gig so that you can add your gig link to the post above as that is allowed in this category.


Check theseee


I read these, but I’m not quite sure what to do. I think $5 dollars is a reasonable price to start with, and my premium package is $40. I put a picture of one of my dog drawings because I know that people like having their pets drawn. I also don’t spam people because that’s disrespectful.

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One thing I thought of would be maybe making different gigs for different types of illustrations. People may not search for just drawings a lot, and may instead be more likely to search for pet portraits, or normal portraits. This would also mean each gig has less competition, as more specific gigs will compete against less results.

This is advice I saw from someone else, but maybe take your gig description to explain why the buyer needs your gig. What makes it unique and what purposes does it serve? What can the kind of illustrations you provide be used for? This also gives you a place to insert keywords that can attract buyers in different disciplines (like people looking for illustrations for poster designs, flyers, coloring books, etc).

I also saw that its important to explain what you offer for revisions, so people don’t think that a revision means they can ask for the drawing to be completely redone. Lastly, maybe mention what dimensions you work in and how the final product is delivered (as a JPG, a PNG, a physical copy, etc).

Your art is really beautiful and I hope you can find success soon!

(Disclaimer: I’m a new seller with no sales so take this advice with a grain of salt)


Have a look at other gigs in your category to get some ideas.

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Nothing wrong with the pricing and revisions IMHO, not even with the description, although it’s a bit barren.
However, two things:

  • Wrong way to preview. You need to make that first video in 16:10 so that Fiverr doesn’t stretch it or give it huge white borders/crop it weirdly, which it does in case of excessively vertical images. With that ratio it will look both good on mobile and PC. You may also want to add a PDF with more images, and have some non-people and animal stuff in the gig gallery too.
  • I believe you should set the estimate delivery time to 3/5/7 days for your packages. (Isn’t 5 days for a 5$ pencil sketch a lot of overhead? Not to mention Fiverr’s algorithm most likely has sellers lumped in 3 categories: 24 hours, up to 3 days, and more than 3 days for their starting packages. The algorithm is pretty much obscure to us but I’m 99% positive this affects ranking).

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure to fix my video, and adjust the delivery days as well as my description.

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It is very difficult for newcomers to get orders…

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I would suggest adding a LOT more examples of your artwork. Right now, you have a lovely woman and a pair of dogs. People may feel your talents are limited.

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Thank you! And I agree with you, but I wasn’t able to upload more images because there was some kind of limit.

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There is a limit, definitely - that’s why they need to count. Looking through a content writer’s eyes here:

You have a ton of competition. The way to rise to the top is either to be the next Van Gogh - unlikely, because art is very subjective and you can’t please everyone - or to market yourself more skillfully.

I tell a lot of new sellers this - if you were Mr. Random EveryPerson and needed to place an order with a seller like you, how would you search for your skills on the site? You wouldn’t use the words “anything you want”, right? Your title is a big opportunity to capture attention and interest, and you’re A.) not using it fully (you have space left) and B.) using words/phrases that searchers aren’t like to use. Try either logging out or opening an “incognito” tab (on chrome it’s Shift + Ctrl + N keys) and doing a Fiverr search like you were, in fact, Mr. Random EveryPerson trying to hire someone.

What trends do you see?

What do the top result gigs have in common?

What words are they using in their titles?

I can tell you from my side of things, there is a large influx lately of BIPOC starting their own whitelabeled beauty brands. Two of your examples have beautifully done illustrated women of color - it wouldn’t take much to leverage that into either a more focused gig or even a separate gig - “I will illustrate a custom character for your beauty or skincare brand” - etc. Niches are where money is made on this site, and if I see a need to be filled on the content side, trust me there’s a corresponding need to be filled on the graphics side.

Also, and this is a very small / more of a “me” thing, but you want to stay positive in your positioning. You aren’t offering an illustration with “no color”, you are offering a “black and white” illustration - one sounds like they’re getting something sub-par/lacking, the other sounds like a conscious choice they’re making while still getting a complete result.


Update: I got my first order! My first client is very nice, and things are going very well so far. After dealing with this client I realized that my prices are too low, and I would appreciate it if someone could give me new price suggestions?
Thank you