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I need some enlightenment


Let’s just say that I want to open a new gig and it will be revolving around vector tracing jobs. Now my question is, is it better to open multiple gigs of focused ones ie; vehicle vector tracing, portrait tracing, animals… OR just simply publish one gig that covers everything? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i think try to make one gig covers everthing sir, because tracing is basic on that work, avialble tracing many object may be best for the first


Multiple gigs with keywords in the title and portfolio covering specific samples


Then I shall start creating specific gigs from now on…probably will give wider target audience too. Thanks :smile:


Titles define your keywords for the most part so it’s no-brainer really.

A buyer does a search for logo and gets 86K results
A buyer does a search for mascot logo and gets 1.4K results

The more detailed your title is the less competitors you’ll have. However, the key is to find the right balance because the more detailed your title is the less traffic you’ll get.


Oh I see, title is really the key…seems like I still have lots of things to improve on. I’ll do more research and slowly make changes I suppose…and if im not mistaken, updating gigs makes it disappear for a while? Is it?


Correct. It can be up to a day or two at times.
It will probably go through automatic system first to see if there are any issues with the changes and if there are then they will manually go over it as well. Usually it’s not the case though.


As well as my gig, I understand you guys situation although I’m new here…sorry