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I need some Explanation about the Order process

Hello there,

I don’t understand some things on Fiver.

Let’s get an example:

  1. Im buying a Gig.
  2. The seller does the work but it is not what we have spoken so I click the “Request modification”.
  3. The seller sends me another work, but even now it is not what I have requested. So I click on “Request modification” explainig why.
  4. The seller sends me another time the work. Now the work we have spoken is not fully complete, so partially done. I would like to request modification but I couldn’t as the order has been maker Automatically as Completed!

    Why? I did not receive what I wanted but we are on the right way. Why couldn’t I request a modification on the order?

    Thanks for reply.

    (This is the second time that happens to me so I’m thinking I’m missing somethings on how Fiverr works)

But to contact the Customer Support I must take an order into it. I want to understand if it is normal or not