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I need some Feedback For a New User

Hello Fiverr Partners,
I started a week ago with my first gig but I need some feedback, I need to know if I’m going in the right way.
I havent received any gig request but I just need to know your experiences and how long should I wait depending on my profile.

Thanks in advance

Just looking at your gig I would recommend a few things.

First of all, your pictures look awesome, and I’m sure they take alot of work.

But you might want to start off offering a $5 service at first.

This can help you get some initial feedback, and get the ball rolling.

Also, you might want to break up your gig descriptions a little bit so they are more readable. Break it into easy to read sentences or paragraphs.

Fiverr offers the use of bold, italics, and highlighting. Take advantage of that!

When your first starting out can be the hardest. But you look very talented, and I think if you do some promotion to your gig via your social channels, and offer a $5 service to start with could help you greatly to get the ball rolling.

Also, in your profile you mention that you do logos, business cards, book illustrations, collages, etc.

Why not create a gig for each of those since they are all different?


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I already changed the amount and You’re so right. I will start with that amount, thanks a lot for all your feedback, I really appreciate your help. I will now Edit all the gig description because I can see what you mean. I didnt get that brilliant idea of doing dif gigs for different scenarios,
THANKS :slight_smile: You dont imagine the help you gave me :blush:

Glad I was able to be helpful.

Look like you have some really unique talent, and could make some very unique gigs!

Once you get some feedback and momentum built up, then raise your price, or offer different packages, add ons, etc.

I already got a first gig since the moment you told me the advice…Thanks Newlevelseo :blush:

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i am not getting any order plz some one can help ?

You’re very welcome!

Glad I could be helpful :slight_smile:

If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.