I need some feedback


Hey guys and ladies,

I’ve been on Fiverr for about 10 days and I haven’t got any order yet.
I’ve also been promoting myself on Twitter and Facebook for the target audience and getting 2-5 clicks/day for all my gigs.

Maybe something is wrong with my gigs, could you check them out?:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

PS Ive been using buyer requests too!


Very interesting. I clicked on “like” as I read “Ableton Live”. Madeon fan.


do you use Ableton Live? I find it really easy to use and very user friendly!


Yes, I do! I agree with your opinion. When I started to use it like 10 years ago, only then I was overwhelmed with Ableton “how many options and buttons it has” but the time helped me! :slight_smile:


Haha yep, at first for a total beginner, Its alot to wrap your head around… But after years of experimenting, You eventually figure things out!


i am new here too and i also didn’t get any order yet :frowning:


Any suggestions to improve my gigs by the way?:slight_smile:


when you got some, share with as well :slight_smile:


I didn’t find errors :slight_smile:

You should arrange the “online lessons” Gigs so that is clear that you are teaching something, rather than solving something: Fiverr does not allow to do homework for students.

I imagine that if a buyer-student sends you an exercise about definite integrals, maybe asking to solve it as soon as possible… you should show how to solve a definite integral using a similar exercise as an example, and commenting every step.


You’re totally right so I added “step-by-step” to the descriptions, thank you! Well I guess I will only have to wait for orders then! :slight_smile:


Sok szerencsét Simmetrix! :slight_smile: :bar_chart: :triangular_ruler::books:


wait until your success…Keep on mind " Roam was not build in a day" :slight_smile:


Köszönöm pacquo! :slight_smile: