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I need some guidance regarding doing Skype and getting the permission


Hi, i’d like to start skype lessons for my clients on fiverr, how do i go about getting the permission, what do i have to do?!!?


If you go to the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will see a link to Customer Support and explain what you want to do and get permission.


Can’t you just record your Audio and send the files, or upload the audio lessons on YouTube or something. I think using Skype is against the rules.


It is ok if you get permission first.


there are lots of subject categories to submit a request, which one should I choose?


Gig support would seem a good choice.


I am impressed that here is a young lad who wants to do it right!


Thank you, guys! I’ve sent my request, now just gotta wait… still I have faith it will work!