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I need some guidance

I got my first two orders, two days back. I got a five star review as well. But I haven’t had any orders after that. Is it normal or is their a problem with my gigs?

It’s normal.

Peaks and troughs.


Is your gig something that one buyer would need regularly? If so, I’ll advice you focus on over delivering so you can keep them(they buyers). You can message those people that gave you those order and ask if they have any other jobs tho.

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Spamming his own buyers to get extra work actually won’t get him any work. Indeed might get him reported & banned off the platform.

Freelancing requires a lot of daily effort to stay on track. Send useful requests in the buyer requests section, improve your gigs & the services you offer, share your gigs with your connections perhaps someone might be interested in your services. There’s a lot to do when you don’t have orders on queue. Spamming your buyers is definitely not one of them.


You can get banned by sending messages to people that already purchased your service once? That seems like an odd thing.

This isn’t normal messaging, this is called spamming. If they want to hire him for extra work, they will. No need to spam your buyers which will leave a negative impression.

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Guess you’re right. He’d have to focus on delivering well, and build customer relationships then.

I don’t have any buyers but I have only this buyer whom I can count on. We have already worked on few projects and planning to work more projects. lol… I am happy at least I found this buyer.

Congratulations for the 5 star reviews! That is a good start. I think the informations in this thread might help you: