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I need some help first gig


Hi everyone,

I have some problems to make my first gig. I finish eveything but when I insert the code to publish my gig, it does not work. I can not use the option to save…and now I don´t know how i can edit it.

I have the same problem when I want to include spanish as my mother language. Someone can help me

Is there a bug when trying to verify my phone number

Pls post the screenshots here, including details of what exactly you are trying to do. We need to understand what isn’t working for you in order to assist you.


Go to “Fiverr Academy” you will find evry detail under that. Including video tutorial.

This can be found on the bottom of your page



When I want to send the number the options “verify by msm” or “verify by call” are not active. Later they worked again but in the next steep I had the same problem…


This looks like a browser rendering issue or a Fiverr code related bug. Please try using a different browser or different net connection and see. Also open a Fiverr support ticket, since they know of any such bugs.


Have you contacted support?


probably data reading prob, you can try it by using another browser or contact with fiverr support :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone…I contacted support and they are working in the solution.


have you solved this yet? I cannot verify as the box to click is not working. i entered my code but the verify button is grey and wont let me send.


Finally I could do it yesterday…try again