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I need some help for google sheets

One of my buyers asked me for an online google sheets version of the files.
I shared him the link after set the file’s permission " Anyone can edit the file". But still, he is asking to send me the online google spreadsheet version of the file.
Can somebody help me with what he is talking about?

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Possibly he is asking an offline/portable version? Simply download it and send it.




Thanks for the reply. He is asking for online version not offline I already sent him excel file also but still he is asking for online version of google sheet.

yes he request from you online google sheet, It’s mean your google account have office 365 so its have excel this is the mean by google sheet and same with install office 365 , when you work, work with online google account not a laptop install 365. If he want work his google sheet then he should share his google sheet link.

I also had the same question from one of my prospects last week. The funny part is that I do use Google sheets, and he also uses Google sheets, but he still cannot find a way to open it and keeps asking for another one. Most of the time is just a mistake on the other end of the line but in this case I think it was most probably a simple error in transferring the data from one sheet to another. Funny thing is that before making this sheet I never knew I could use airtable as an extension to simplify things, and they describe it accurately here Export Airtable to Google Sheets No-Code | Blog with pictures and everything, so you know how to do it next time you need it.