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I need some help from my fiverr forum friend


Hi, my name is jolarin. i’m from cambodia, i need someone to help me or give me an idea:

i joined fiverr 2 months ago, i just became level 1 last month and i’m very happy with this level.

my question are:

  • how to increase Orders?
  • How to promote my gig?

    Please check my gigs and give me some advice about my gigs.


    Best Regards,



Thanks a lots oldbittygrandma :x


Hi, Jolarin. Congrats on getting to Level 2 so fast! Hang around the forums and network with some of the best sellers here. You’ll eventually learn how to leverage those relationships into selling more of your gigs. You’ll learn how we help each other promote our gigs. And you’ll learn how the Fiverr ecosystem works. You can’t learn it all in one day. I’ve been on Fiverr for some months now and I’m just now learning some of the more advanced tactics to get more sales. It will come. Best of success to you.


Thanks a lots petrosianii :x


I colected your gigs please colect mine too :slight_smile: