I need some help here!



It’s been about 2 and a half weeks since I posted the gigs on my profile, but in the past 4 days, the impressions, clicks and views have all dropped to 0. It’s rather frustrating because I was getting about a hundred impressions a day previously, and though I didn’t get any orders then, the views still gave me some hope.

I’ve fine-tuned my gigs a couple of times to no avail :frowning: If any kind soul would like to take a look and give me some advice I would be so so thankful!

Wai Lun


Do what you can to promote your gigs off-site, and try to get some orders from people you know if possible. There are many great articles on how to get gigs on fiverr, and I’d Google to find them. Good luck!


I don’t know if you’ve read the forum lately but there was a general problem these days for a lot of sellers with the statistics. Support has already confirmed it’s a technical issue.

Other than that, your gigs look pretty good. Just do what writerlisaz said, promote yourself on any social media possible:)

Good luck!


Yes stats are crazy. I created a new gig a week ago. Stats show it has not been seen nor clicked on, yet it shows orders (which I did get). So don’t trust the stats as others have said.

And take it as a normal slump. Things go up and down all the time.