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I need Some Help In Fiverr forum

Hello everyone, I am Shovon, I am from Bangladesh,
I have been working at Fiverr In almost a year. But in the fiverr forum I’m just new, I’m interested in being a partner in fiverr forum , although I worked earlier in fiverr but I do not feel so good to gig, My old account was disabled due to my mistake. And as a result, I have to open a new account again. I have completed 15 orders in my new account. But for some time I have to keep my account in the vacation mood for some time. As a result, I lost all my Gig search pages. Now if I’m gigging again, I’m not gig’s search page anyhow. I am using a completely unique article and picture. Now Please let me know exactly what to do if I interrupt my gig page, please help me a little bit about this. I work on SEO backlinks in fiverr. And how do I get regular orders? Please help me in this matter. The opinion of the buyer, about my work is very good. If you have some times, so please check out my PROFILE … What is my fault …???..Please help me…