I need some help on Fiverr


Hi, my name’s Arthur and I’m quite new to Fiverr. I have some questions for you guys if you guys don’t mind, that is:

  1. I need some help regarding how to make my GIGs rank up higher on Fiverr.
  2. Is it possible to add capital letters in my Fiverr username? Cause it keeps changing all the letters in my name to small letters.
  3. Is it possible to search up my own GIG on the Fiverr search, I wasn’t able to find mine. Maybe because it’s very ranked down or
    I’m just missing something. :confused:



I’ll try to help. :slight_smile:

  1. Ensure your gigs are attractive - good content, good images and relevant tags
  2. No, unfortunately not
  3. Yes, as long as you look hard enough. Have you tried going to the “Social Media Design” category and browsing through “Newest Arrivals”?