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I need some help to crate a video for my gig

any one has any free software which one I used free for making a video for my gig easily and nicely

i need it urgent…


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I am not an expert but i have made it by myself.And its not difficult you can easily do it.
For this you need

  1. Videoscribe registered software
    2.Those image which you want to use on that video
  2. On videoscribe there are a lot of Hand design,text design you can choose anything you want.
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I thin need a camera and microphone
may be google help because their are think you needto search

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Like this you need after effect cc 2014 or at least cs6

Also for voice ivona tts

The amount of bad advice in this thread is amazing. Adobe After Effects is a professional grade compositing tool, way too advanced for what you’re looking for (and it’s not even a video editor). What you need is far simpler than that, and there are MANY free alternatives.


iMovie (if you’re on Mac),
Windows Movie Maker,
Davinci Resolve (more useful for color grading and way more advanced than the rest, but also works fine as an NLE and it’s FREE).

Using After Effects for this is like killing a fly with a bazooka. Also, Adobe products generally suck performance-wise.

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I suggest you download Adobe After Effects from Adobe official site. With help of this, you can create stunning intro videos for your gigs

My Boyfriend creates videos for companies, bands, etc. Please let me know if you still need some help, Thanks