I need some help with my translation gig



My name is Nathan, and i am new to fiverr.
About a month ago, i created my first gig.

3 weeks passed, no orders, i forgot about the gig i created, but some time later i got mail from fiverr, wich was my first order. The buyer was very satisfied and came back for another order. Unfortunately, that was the last order i have gotten.
I’m getting quiet a lot of views, (about 80 per day), but no orders, so i guess something is wrong with my gig. i would really appreciate it if you could check out my gig and let me know if you find something i can improve.

Thanks a lot!



Hello Nathan, welcome to Fiverr.
Overall I don’t see any problems with your gig, but I’d like to point out a few things that might help.

I see several “i will…” instead of “I will.” in the description.
It might be just a simple typo and I know you’re not offering editing/proofreading, but you should fix that. That itself will come across as unprofessional.

Also maaaaaaybe leave out the part that you are 18???
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with your age, but for some people they might feel a bit uncomfortable letting a teenager translate their stuff. You don’t need to lie about your age, but I think you can remove that part.

It might be a good idea if you include a few lines in Dutch in your gig description, that’s what I do with my translation gig. That might convince more people that you indeed know both languages.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey zues, Thanks for the advice,

I’m editing my gig and profile right now. Thanks again!


More advice is always welcome, i’m trying my best to get orders :slight_smile:


Any more advice for me?


For now, I think what you need to do is be patient.
Just be sure to promote your gigs to people, use Facebook, twitter, etc.
You’re a student, I’m sure you can tell your friends at school about your gig, they might know someone who needs your help.

Also if you have the right equipment, try recording yourself speaking in both languages.
I know you’re not offering a voiceover gig, but if people actually hear you talk, it will be more
convincing I think.


You’re my hero <3 <3


I had a translation gig a while as well (English to Dutch). It never really took off, I think partly because there is a lot of supply and (I guess) not so much demand.

I see that there are some mistakes in your texts and in the video with regard to the use of capital letters. It also says in your skills - traslation (instead of translation).

You could also think of adding a small sample to your portfolio; a translation of some short article.


Aweee, thank you. :smiley:
Maybe you’ve noticed from my other posts, but if I can tell that people are really trying and being honest, I will try my best to help them.

On the other hand if people are dishonest…well, I turn into Godzilla and stomp on them.
People might say it’s none of my business, but it is.
I’m part of Fiverr and it’s quite important to me, I’d like to keep Fiverr clean and professional if possible.


I agree,

The Fiverr community is great, and we have to keep it that way!