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I need some help with OPTIMIZING THIS GIG!

Hi there,
First of all thank-you for trying to helping me.

As I’m a new seller(Wait!I’m not going to ask the age old question how to get orders :grinning:) I need some help of experts with optimizing my gig.I’m going to optimize my gig after looking at the answers you provide.

Please don’t say the common points of optimizing.I need you to visit the gig and look for the rooms to the improvements.Here is the gig link.(
If you don’t have time simply quit. :sob: :sob: :sob:

And I’m going to update my main gig image.So please recommend me a one from MY PORTFOLIO.(

I’m actually looking for some advises.


First impression: OW that yellow is bright.
Second: Flip through your gig images from your profile: Can you still read them?

If I were a buyer, I wouldn’t be in the gig if I weren’t looking for a logo. That line is unnecessary. Offering unlimited revisions and that guarantee only say to me that I should expect to be disappointed in your skill.


Yeah! I would put some work on them.
Thanks for spending your golden time to help me. :pray: :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there only one user that can spend their time for a new seller. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
WOW!I’m going to love this platform. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

#1 No one owes you their time & expertise (or even personal opinion). Coming across like that is not helping people like you. And sad as it may be, people don’t do business with people unless they like them - even if the liked person is not as good. If people help you, what do they get for their effort & expertise?

#2 Yes that yellow will upset some people very badly. Not me as I like yellow but for some reason, bright colors offend some people.

#3 Chek you spellying as spellos and grammer poor maketh the man look silky.

#4 Who is Darshak that you quote him? Better to not quote if you only show how different you are. Remember you are selling to a global market. If this an India(?) specific thing, then find someone more global. If you still want the quote and for it to be from your people then I think Gandhi said a few useful things - altho maybe not about logo making or Fiverrr :wink:

#5 Unlimited Revisions is a bad thing. It is easy to think you offer perfect reassurance but in realty you say, I don’t expect I will do great work first time, second time, third time, or maybe ever. Back yourself or you’ll regret it when people have you work forever for $10.

#6 While I know what “A Profile Pic and a Favicon” means, I am not really sure what/why you are telling me. Are these included in the price in the Basic Pack too? Be very clear. People are reading this at warp speed. Leave no room for confusion.

#7 “Premium and friendly communication throughout the process.” Don’t tell me this. Makes me think that you are having to try to do this instead of it doing naturally. I expect this at McDonalds so you should not need to say it. Let your reviews say this for you so it counts.

#8 “SHEN!” Why an exclamation point after you name(?) I sure don’t expect good things when people write me “Hi Benedict!”. Biff! Bam! Pow! need exclamation points. Names do not.



When I was reading your #1, I thought you are blaming me.(Yeah it is :frowning_face:)
If it is please SORRY.
And after that while I reading your #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, I saw you have put a lot effort checking my gig.THANKS for it. :pray: :pray: :pray:

I will change the gig images.If you have some time please recommend me a one from my portfolio.(which I have given in the first post)

Yeah,I’m not perfect in ENGLISH.Can I correct those by using a extension like grammerly.
I don’t think there are problems with spellings as it doesn’t underlined anything. :roll_eyes:

If I don’t quote him,I though I 'd be using his words without his permission and the fiverr algorithm will make it crazy.(As I’m a new seller I don’t know much more about this platform. :upside_down_face:)

Yeah I will remove that phrase.:wastebasket:But I don’t get what you mentioned lastly in #5.(I said that,I’m not perfect in ENGLISH)

May be some buyers don’t know what a FAVICON means.:slight_smile:

Thank for that.I’ll work on it.

But as I’m a new seller I don’t have any review.What should I do?

Yeah,I got it.I’ll remove that. :remove :wastebasket:

It seems like you have written a lot.Thank you for spending time for a noob like me. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:THANKS! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

beautiful portfolio!!!great

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Sorry for knocking, :slight_smile:
Can you two @ahmwritingco and @vickiespencer look at my topic and give me some advise. :pray: :pray:

need hard work and tolorance

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You’ve received some really good advice already. I especially agree with the posts about improving spelling/grammar and removing unlimited revisions.

A few improvements I think you should make (some touch on earlier posts):

  • Your profile tag line needs to be proofread. It’d read better if it said, “the one who values you rather than your payment”.

  • Consider taking the Basic English test. I think one of the biggest fears Anglos have when working with people from Asia is that language barriers may cause a problem. If you pass the test with a decent score, you’ll reassure some potential buyers from the UK and US that there won’t be communication problems when working with you.

  • Think about whether you really want emojis in your profile description. I’m quite a chill guy, so I don’t mind things like that, but others will consider it unprofessional. Think about whether emojis jive with your intended audience.

  • Add the phrase “eye catching logo” to your gig description. You have it in your title and tags, so it’s worth putting it in your description, too, as Fiverr says reinforced keywords help a gig perform better.

  • Consider elaborating on who Darshak is. Readers will wonder when they come across the sentence. You could include a short phrase before his name, just to satisfy the curiosity of the person reading your description. Something like this would work well (note I don’t know who this person is, so I’m just creating an example): “As the social media influencer Darshak says…”

Your gig description does have one spelling error in it. “company s” should be “companies”.

Grammarly should help you catch a number of grammatical and orthographic errors.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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It’s sad, but SO many new users don’t read the rules and clutter up the forums without even looking in other threads. Many of the regulars have resorted to copy/paste in order to address the bloat. Solely based on your OP though, I can tell you’ve at least skimmed though other posts. So, actually: THANK YOU. Thank you for doing a bit of research before asking. Thank you for taking the time to create a thorough first post that explains exactly what you want input on. Thank you for asking for clarification instead of pretending you understand. Thank you for actually responding to and acting on the suggestions made. Thank you for engaging and asking for more input in the same thread and not opening a new one. Thank you for being one of the few that make it worth the time and effort of responding to “Improve My Gig” threads and keeping the category un-muted.

(That said, I love yellow. It’s my favorite color. It just that, in marketing colors mean things. There are several psychology studies on the topic that are fascinating, and it’s at least worth looking into. I’d link a few, but forum rules, and they’re probably easier to Google.)

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Thanks.I’ll change it.

I have taken that and passed it with a 6.5 ratings.But It is not showing.
And I passed a Photoshop test with 7.5 reviews and got top ten batch.Now it is showing as verified in the skills.
Should I get a top 20, top 10 or something like that to get verified batch. :roll_eyes:

I thought.And I’m going to remove them :slight_smile:

Okay.Thanks for supporting.

I’m going to remove that phrase from the gig description.
(And Darshak is the TOP RATED seller on fiver who named @weperfectionist)

OH! I saw it. :thinking:

And last but not least.Thank you very much for supporting me. :pray: :pray: :pray: