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I need some help

Hey, I started on fiverr 1 month ago and it’s been great, but The thing is. I made then my gigs, and they started getting like 100 impressions per day then 70-40-30 and now i get like 1 impression per day, can someone tell me why?

I doubt if anyone here has the answer, but if it makes you feel better it seems what you are experiencing is effecting a lot of people. Not sure why. My only comfort is that Fiverr does do updates to the search engine…sometimes after an update things start to go my way. Not sure when the next update will be but keep your fingers crossed it will help.

There are a few (possible) reasons for this.

  • As a new seller, you would have been promoted and shown at the top of search results so your impressions would have been high in the beginning.
  • It seems to be a relatively quiet month on Fiverr with a lot of sellers reporting low sales. Hopefully things will pick up.
  • Your gig descriptions are much too short. You have only a couple of lines in them. Look around at other sellers and see what they have in theirs. Also, look for posts about gig optimization in the Forum.
    On your translation gig, one of your responses to a review would put me off as a buyer. Saying the buyer was very “forgiving” suggests that you either made mistakes, were late or something else. Change that if you can.
    Also on that gig, it says “up to 5000 words” for $5 but when I click the gig, it says 1300! Change the gig title to match what the price says.

I noticed that, even though you have a gig to proofread English, some of your own gigs need proofreading. This is not really an answer to your question and I apologize for not having the answer for you.

Oh, could you tell me where I need to fix?

I counted 7 errors in your gig description for translation.