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I need some some suggestion about my Gig FAQ

I am new in fiverr. I complete my profile few days ago. I want know something about Gig FAQ. If i copy other people Gig FAQ to my Gig. Will it be a copyright issue or it’s gonna be OK ?

Please visit my profile and tell me about my Gig. Is it fine or not or need to add something ?

copy is not good
You see “Fiverr’s Terms of Service”
Your profile is at the end.

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Why would you even think that it’s ok to copy someone else’s work?
They spent their time thinking of what questions their clients might have and coming up with answers, they invested their work And time into that. And they did it for their clients but not to make it easier for you and just copy paste it to your gig.

But answering your question: yes it is copyright issue. Everything what you didn’t create yourself will have a copyright issue, including intelectual property.


Most people copy because they do not either know much about what they are “selling”, they do not have command of the English language, or it is just easier to cheat and ride on someone else’s hard work they put into their FAQ’s on their Gig. If you cannot think of your own questions that others may ask about your Gig, then you may not really be ready to offer that service. I didn’t have to go “look” at others FAQ section to know what things may come up in people’s minds to ask before ordering.