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I need some suggestion from experts very badly, please read all over

Hello there, I’m not new in fiverr but in fourm. So first I want my apologies to all if I would do anything wrong here. Today I’m writing here because I need some expert suggestion to improve my career. I’m stuck somewhere, and I need help. Here I’m trying to share my problem in details.
I started my fiverr journey at the first of 2017 with a social marketing gig. Very luckily I’ve got my first order within a week. Then order came in regular basis and I became level 1 seller.
But at the time due to some personal problem I couldn’t able to manage time to work here and for some lack of knowledge I’ve got negative reviews. (cancellation).
I wasn’t aware that time and got a couple of cancellation and negative reviews . So I gave up with frustration. Now my profile has bellow rating that I no longer able to post offer for buyer request. Now I’m trying to regain my position. And with a lot of experience I want to get back my position.
So my question for the experts that,
Should I de-active this account and create a new to get a fresh start?
Or stuck with existing account?
Which will be best for me as I want to grow my career here totally?
I want to take this marketplace my lifetime workplace. I can’t decide anything without having any suggestion from experienced one.
Some please read my post and give me some good suggestion. I’m really determine to expand my career here, for that anything I can do.
Thanks in advance.