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I need Some Suggestion From Level 1 and level 2

how to get order from the clients If I am New… and i Do not Get even a Single Order Yet …Give me Some SUggestions

I’d recommend reading these two posts:

“Hello, I’m Hafsa Noor. I am a highly skilled and professional content writer and article writer. I also specialise in business teaching, wordpress and I have over 4 years of experience! If you want the best content with on-time delivery for your blog or website, then this is the right place to be!”

I have fixed up your profile description just a little bit. Believe it or not, spelling mistakes and all sorts can determine whether a buyer actually goes ahead and orders with you. I personally think it’s important to maintain a professional image.

Personally, in my experience you just have to wait for an order to arrive. It took me about a week to get my first order and then it just started rolling from there. You have w lot of gigs so I’m sure someone will eventually look at your profile.

Try looking in the Buyers Requests section too. Through that, you directly go to clients instead of them coming to you.

be as patient as a turtle.